Have you ever seen science and behavior work hand in hand?

We hear the same sentiment from clients all the time: "I have all of this data and I don't know what to do with it."  They love how advanced HR technology has become, but HR professionals often struggle making meaning of workforce analytics.  Boards and CEOs want specific workforce questions answered unique to their own businesses. But HR only has the data the systems provide and research reports on broad industry trends and lists.

I faced similar struggles as an HR leader. And without a team of data scientists, it was hard to customize the data to my business. Sure, it was helpful to report out on what happened but how do you make meaningful change without being able to predict what might happen or anticipating changes? 

That's why we created The Workforce Lab.  At exaqueo, we already know the power of analyzing human behavior. We use qualitative research, ethnography and behavior analysis to help our clients understand their employees and make better decisions. And we understand the impact quantitative data can have.  But no one has ever brought both together.

Broad research reports and data streams are a start. But don't you want the unique data picture specific to your organization? That's why we've partnered with RedOwl Analytics, and brought a team of data scientists to the table. 

I invite you to join us--we're looking for clients who don't want to rely on broad reporting and trends. Who want workforce insight specific to their own workforce issues.

Ready to make history? We're waiting to join you.

Susan LaMotte
Founder and Principal Consultant, exaqueo
August 2014