Will you wait to see what change does? 

RedOwl and exaqueo understand that a changing business environment can wreak havoc on your workforce. We work to understand what unique periods and events are causing organizational change from management transitions and business expansions to downsizing, turnarounds or M&A activity.

Our engagements start with rigorous data analysis of your team, group, and/or company-wide patterns and tendencies asking specific culture and engagement business questions to identify patterns in communication, denial, frustration, understanding and commitment and support.

For example, we might assess:

• Which employees are highly responsive to the change?
• What sentiment are employees sharing with each other about the change? • Are employees keeping required information confidential?

Then we’ll validate the research with qualitative behavioral analysis using focus groups and interviews with high-performing employees. Our team will analyze the both sets of data and provide a complete review of the data and learnings.

We’ll also provide detailed recommendations to address the identified organizational change, which may include:

• Introduction or adjustment of change management practices and tactics
• Strategies to address specific areas and patterns of sentiment in response to the change • Communication plans and strategies to support change management
• Tactics to increase employee understanding and support of the change
• Ways to maintain employee engagement and productivity during the change