Is your culture what you think it is?

RedOwl and exaqueo know the importance of a strong culture foundation to drive business success and workforce alignment. We work to understand how culture challenges might be impacting business performance from strengthening culture in changing times, to assessing culture to ensure post acquisition integration success.

Our engagements start with rigorous data analysis of your team, group, and/or company-wide patterns and tendencies asking specific culture and engagement business questions to identify patterns in collaboration, initiative, and communications and message effectiveness across the organization.

For example, we might assess:

• Which employees receive communications from a particularly high number of other employees?

• Are specific cultural norms permeating through parts of the organization?

• Who are the employees who rarely communicate/ keep communications distance from a particular group within their department?

Then we’ll validate the research with qualitative behavioral analysis using focus groups and interviews with high-performing employees. Our team will analyze the both sets of data and provide a complete review of the data and learnings.

We’ll also provide detailed recommendations to address the original culture and engagement challenges, which may include:

• Strategies to strengthen a weak or undefined culture
• Practices for addressing employees and leaders who aren’t in cultural alignment • Ways to reinforce culture and values in the organization
• Approaches for hiring to better fit organizational culture
• Communication plans and strategies to support culture growth and goals