DATA 101

What value does your workforce bring to your business?

You've heard the buzz about big data and predictive analytics. If it sounds impactful, it is.

The ability to determine what can happen with your workforce lets you make better decisions about who to hire, how to hire and how manage talent once on board.  The value of predictive data is unparalleled in HR.

If it seems daunting it's that too.

Most organizations struggle with even the simplest reporting. And growing organizations don't know how to put the building blocks together.  We get loads of metrics from technology but at the most basic level we're only understanding the basics of what happened. Things like:

    • How many job applications we received
    • The average performance score for an employee
    • How many employees opened an email newsletter

    This traditional reporting just cracks the surface. And then we struggle to understand why.

    We can do better--for our teams and our businesses.

    If you're only reporting what happened, or you're scaling a business and starting to measure the impact of your workforce for the first time, you need a strong foundation. Technology like applicant tracking or HR systems are valuable tools. But Data 101 ensures you're creating the right foundation to bring value to your business.

    Specific services include:

    • Data 101 Training: How to Use and Understand Your Data Streams
    • Customized Data Analysis Workshops: Using Your Unique Data Sets
    • Data Aggregation: How to Collect and Structure Workforce Data