Your boss called. She wants a report on the effectiveness of your recruiting process. 
How meaningful is your data?

Technology can be a blessing and a curse. Sure, we can turn to existing systems to download reports of static data. But what are we actually measuring? And what impacts do the measures have on your business? 

Our engagements start with understanding business questions. What are you trying to learn from your data right now? Then we'll help you analyze the power and value of your existing processes--from recruiting to candidate experience to performance management.  This takes you from simply reporting data to making meaning of the data you report: from understanding why it happened to predicting what happens next.

For example, we might assess:

• Why is your recruiting process struggling at a certain step?

• How will new hires fare on a specific competency in their first six months?

• What influenced your high-performers to apply for and accept their job?

• How can your existing dashboards more effectively correlate recruiting, performance and training data together?

We’ll validate our findings through internal research prioritizing the areas most relevant to the growth of your business right now.  We'll finish by helping you visualize and make meaning of your data.

Specific services include:

  • Recruitment Strategy and Process Analysis
  • Performance Management Strategy and Process Analysis
  • Dashboard Builds and Extensions
  • Workforce Dashboard Analysis and Re-Development
  • C-Suite Business Problem Reporting: Targeted Data and Predictive Analysis