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Who runs The Workforce Lab?

The Workforce Lab is powered by exaqueo, a workforce consultancy. In our consulting work, data is a common thread in everything we do. So we created The Workforce Lab to be a place where our client organizations can experiment and customized advanced data solutions unique to their business.

Who wears the white coats?

We have a number of scientists in our lab from exaqueo and our partner, RedOwl Analytics. We also have a team of on-call data scientists and engineers at the ready based on our clients' custom needs. We only wear white coats from Memorial Day to Labor Day (we're told that's when it's in fashion.)

Who owns the data?

Short answer: you do. We'll need to access your data of course, and we do so with high levels of security, privacy and confidentiality. But as with any consulting engagement, the data and the intellectual property is yours.

What if I don't know where to start?

Most organizations don't! And that's where science comes in. We start first with helping you understand the business questions you'd most like to answer with data. Then we take a look at what data practices you're already using  (if any). From there, we'll mix up a formula specifically for you.

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