In The Workforce Lab, we optimize human performance powered by workforce analytics. 

If data matters to your organization's performance, you're in the right place.

The Workforce Lab customizes a unique data analysis process for your organization. Whether you're just trying to organize disparate sets of data from your HR systems or use workforce data to evaluate performance and human behavior, we analyze your unique needs and show you how to use data in ways you never thought you could.

Most organizations collect data. Some may even organize it into reports.
But what is your data telling you?

The Workforce Lab mixes advanced technology with qualitative and quantitative data to help you actually visualize and understand data and connect it to performance.  We focus on creating real business value by answering your most pressing questions related to employee performance.  This helps you optimize business decisions which are informed through an advanced blend of quantitative analytics and qualitative subject matter expertise.

The Latest From the Lab

"Sure, big data is all the rage, but employing advanced techniques or technology won't be valuable unless you have the right foundation to begin with. Human resources teams collect buckets of metrics from numerous systems and sometimes never bother to wade through what the metrics actually mean." 

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"People Analytics holds much promise for the American workplace, but only if we remember and are guided by the principle that the people still need to come before the analytics."

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