What does your organization think and feel every single day? 

We have the ability to regularly assess your organization’s corporate data trail. Our software can generate daily/weekly/monthly reports that can group employee communications activity into three different categories for the purposes of gaining organizational insights, which might otherwise fly under the radar.  These can also be used during time periods of organizational change to assess trends and anomalies. Over a specified time period of interest, we can highlight in a summary report:

Flagged Behaviors

1. Employees who used words of interest from a restricted words list
2. Behavioral changes of interest (decreasing responsiveness compared to last month)
3. Communications activity exceeding thresholds of interest (e.g. greater than 50 emails per day to external domains)


1. External addresses
2. External domains
3. Words


1. Communication aliases (e.g. new external email addresses or new domains)
2. Communications by direction (e.g. new “sent to” email addresses vs. new “received from”) 

3. Communications by mode (e.g. new phone numbers vs. new email domains)

The Lab will analyze the reports and provide a complete review of the data and learnings and we’ll also provide detailed recommendations to address the learnings, which may include additional qualitative research, strategy and tactical execution guidance.