How does work really get done?

RedOwl and exaqueo work to understand your current performance management and development challenge or need such as network analysis of teams, assessment of flight risk, or identification and development of high-performers.

Our engagements start with rigorous data analysis of your team, group, and/or company-wide patterns and tendencies asking specific performance and management business questions customized to your unique area of focus.

For example, we might assess:

• Which employees are becoming detached from work?
• Which employees are high connectors within their network?
• Which employees receive communications from a high number of other employees?
• Which employees are highly responsive or communicate less to other employees and their supervisor?
• When are employees beginning to communicate with people whom they do not normally communicate with? 

• Which employees are taking longer to respond to their supervisor?
• Which employees have a high tendency to receive email from other employees’ private email accounts?
• Which employees show a high tendency to make new contacts within the organization and have a high tendency to collaborate with them

Then we’ll validate the research with qualitative behavioral analysis using focus groups and interviews with high-performing employees. Our team will analyze the both sets of data and provide a complete review of the data and learnings.

We’ll also provide detailed recommendations to address the original performance management and development challenges, which may include:

• Identification of hidden high-potentials—talent under the radar
• Performance management process improvements or adjustments • Learning and development strategies and tactics
• Leadership and management development and coaching
• Specific employee coaching or transition recommendations