Do you wonder if your workforce processes are effective or of the data you're collecting is measuring anything real?

In the process lab we help organizations bring data together, and visualize data so you can make meaning of what you're collecting. Whether you're coddling together a recruiting or performance management process for the first time, or want a deep dive review into your existing dashboards, it's a great start for organizations who know they can do more with their data but don't know where to start.

Each engagement can include one or more of the following:

  1. Data source review and advisory (ATS, LMS, HRIS and more)
  2. Aggregation of disparate data sources together to one data stream
  3. Use analysis and visualization to help you make meaning of the data
  4. In-depth process analysis and recommendations
  5. Data dashboard development and enhancements 

The process lab engagement ensures you have the right data foundation to drive decision-making, process efficiency.

DATA 101 


Pull your data sources together and learn how to begin to build real dashboards and measures.


Evaluate your existing dashboards and processes to ensure measures are impactful.



We start by looking at all of your data sources to determine if there are better ways to bring your data together.  We evaluate the strength of your data foundation and any existing measures and dashboards. Then, based on what we find we can:

  • Help collate your data from numerous systems into one existing stream 
  • Build process dashboards with custom metrics and correlations tied to your business needs
  • Analyze your recruiting, performance and workforce processes to find efficiencies and 
  • Teach organizational leaders and teams how to understand data and use it more effectively for business impact.

Through our partnership we use cutting edge technology to analyze and understand the data, and consultative and project management expertise to show you what it means, the impact to your organization and how to act on what you learn.